Saturday, August 13, 2022

Quick Update

Happy weekend everyone!  It's been awhile since I've provided an update however I've been pretty busy lately with a new job and . .if I'm being honest, enjoying some free time and quality of life changes.

As much as I appreciate the cadence and positive reinforcement of dividend investing, sometimes we have to focus on non-financial, qualitative life dividends that bring us joy. I've been doing that lately and enjoying the results. Going for a walk in the evenings.  Turning distractions off.  Leaving work at a reasonable time. In our #fintwit world, sometimes you get the sense you should be spending every moment hustling and chasing returns. I've been doing that for nearly 8 years non-stop and while it has been beneficial to career advancement and healthy returns, there are other areas of my life that suffered. 

So for the first time in ages I'm metaphorically taking a breath and a reassessment of things. 

Now the great thing with dividend growth investing is I can make the process as active or as passive as I want. Currently the portfolio is pretty low-beta, reasonable yield, hedged with some longer term options in Jan for Q3 results. I don't anticipate much of a change during Q3 as I believe both rate hikes and persistent inflation will continue to wind their impact through the economy, despite the bear market rallies at the slightest instance of good news. For Q3, I plan on taking more of a hands off approach and that works for me at this point of my life. 

For Q3 I'm focusing on a couple things:

  • Finishing the State insurance licensing exam
  • Spending more time learning a new job
  • Spending more time focusing on family and mental well being
On the investing side I'm happy with the plan for Q3/Q4. If you look at the graphs you can see the shift in sectors for Staples, Utilities, Healthcare and Real Estate. Mostly low-beta, high quality picks. Capital preservation is the name of the game in these turbulent times.

I've given real estate so much thought but if I'm honest with myself I never want to manage a property. I don't have the time or patience. However there's many passive ways to get involved so I've thrown about $10K to Fundrise after months of agonizing. I've been looking into Reality Mogul, Roof Stock and some others, and may allocate more after some research.

From a dividends standpoint we're about to cross over the $7K dividends received which is pretty great!

That's all I have for today, I'll share some more soon. Have a great weekend everyone!