Sunday, March 27, 2022

Week in Review

 Happy weekend everyone!

Good performance this week given all the risk in the market. An $OIL hedge from two weeks ago has helped performance. $KMI has finally caught up after bottoming out mid December, the extra yield pushing performance to 5.5% certainly helps. We should see an announcement on $KMI dividend increase in the few weeks. Given some of the global attention back to energy in the last few months I'm hopeful we may see a modest increase.

KMI Dividend Growth History

I missed out on some amazing growth this week from a $115 $WLK covered call I set in motion a few weeks ago. Certainly didn't anticipate this level of rocket growth for a materials company. Instead of buying back I'll keep my eye on the company and attempt to reacquire if there's a pull back.  

This week I have my eyes on $SBUX after a pullback can get me the stock at 2019 levels. Dividend yields of 2.24% vs. a 5 year average of 1.92% and forward P/E of 26. Sure the company has risk after talk of unionization, labor & commodity costs, etc., but it's a great brand and company that generates great free cash flow and is an excellent long-term hold.

Dividend Increases (Week of Mar 20th)

  • Mar 22 XYLD Global X S&P 500 Covered Call ETF

    XYLD declares next variable dividend

    XYLD announced its next dividend of $0.5014 per share, bringing the fund's total payout over the last twelve months up 1.7%.  Your annual income increased $11.42 as a result.

Dividends & Income Received

A slow week, $50.84 in dividends. Next week is a hefty week estimated at $262.

  • NVDA - $0.44
  • LMT - $50.40


  • Added back 200 shares of Verizon. 
  • Added 15 shares of $GLD and $50 shares of $TLT. 

Options Activity

  • Selling some $SBUX puts and keep having to reissue higher as the stock rerates. As Starbucks is below my buy-below target of of $92.50 I'll just buy outright Monday. 
Other Activity
  • No other activity this week.
What's Next
  • Continue to take time to learn more about macro investing. Given the volatility lately, I think there's some educated bets to be placed.
    • Portfolio allocation is heavier in utilities, energy, gold and commodities than usual. 
    • I think I can integrate into the portfolio via asset & sector allocation management. I'm not a fan of day trading, but I like the concept of smart swing trading when highs and lows are involved.
      • I have another account where I'm working on swing trading and shorting some indexes as a hedge. Mixed results so far. My shorts have been offset by the $OIL gains. 

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