Saturday, January 8, 2022

Week in Review

While a pretty wild week in the market for growth stocks, I'm pleased with how the portfolio performed. While diversified across sectors, there's only minimal investment in high P/E companies. Even while trading at a large P/E  premium, I'm a big fan of the semiconductor space and think there will be continued growth to support some of the premiums. 

Week over week total performance was -1.03% compared to Nasdaq at -4.53%, DJIA at -0.29% and S&P at -1.87%.  

Over the next quarter I will shrink the number of holdings from 62 to between 30-40.  I don't think there's a good reason have so many holdings in some areas, and I'd like to cast my bets more heavily in higher quality holdings.

This week PADI went down considerably due to trimming some positions Tuesday. Cash position went up to ~$14K.

Trades this week:

  • Sold $HII - No position
  • Sold $PNW - No position
  • Sold $PNW - No position
  • Sold $TXN - Holding 35 shares, sold 5
  • Sold $NVDA - Holding 11 shares, sold 4
  • Took a small speculative position in $DOUG. 
    • This is an interesting one. Douglas Elliman, a real estate company was spun off from Vector Group, a tobacco company. 
    • - Plenty of restricted units being issued to senior leadership that vests annually over 4 years.
    • Sizable growth
Options this week:
  • Rolled a WLK $95 call for a huge premium into a $105 call.
  • Closed various covered calls for a miss.
  • One leg of my Iron Butterfly for Verizon was assigned. I bought back the leg. 
  • Purchased an AMC put for July expiration at $420. I don't think $AMC will hold up well once things start tightening up. 
  • Purchased an $EMBK put at $7.50 expiring 02/18.  
  • Purchased a Pfizer call 01/21 at $55.50 strike price when RSI was low. I'll likely exit early with a limit sell order.
  • While options income looks pretty rough in the Progress Tracker, this is measured on a cash basis. Still I will keep a close eye as I intend to get more selective with my options trading. 

Dividends this week. A solid $313!  
  • $NJR - $38.06
  • $ALL - $34.02
  • $BBY - $31.50
  • $LRCX - $15.00
  • $TU - $51.54
  • $XYLD - $64.08
  • $EM - $25.08
  • $MRK - $53.82
No planned activity next week other than monitoring options. 

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